About Maha Al Sibai

Born in Damascus, a city known for its love, jasmine, poetry, and stories, Maha Al Sibai developed an early and refined sense of beauty. Despite studying computer science, her passion for creativity led her to a different path, and she chose to become a jewelry designer.

Maha's work is inspired by her studies, her home city, the diverse cultures she has encountered, and her love for art. She has excelled in the field by creating breathtaking pieces that blend creativity with new techniques. Her talent and dedication have earned her several prestigious awards, recognizing her as a leading figure in the jewelry industry.

Maha earned academic certificates in gemstone science and the evaluation and classification of diamonds from the Belgian Diamond High Council (HRD). She also gained extensive knowledge in metalwork, jewelry design, and digital fabrication.

Maha's jewelry, which she started crafting in Dubai, where she opened her first store and currently resides, has now reached a global audience. Her unique pieces reflect her artistic journey and commitment to excellence, making her a renowned name in the world of jewelry design.

What Makes Maha Special

Artistic Vision

Maha channels her inner artist, blending creativity with craftsmanship to design unique, breathtaking pieces.

Meticulous Selection

Carefully examining each stone, she hand-picks only the finest and rarest gems for her exquisite creations.

Crafting Excellence

Her hands-on approach ensures every step of the jewelry-making process meets high standards of excellence.